Cusp. The Future of Construction

Our appetite for smarter solutions means we are forever on future's cusp. As it moves relentlessly forward, so do we.

Cusp is about transition through innovation - from good to great; from possibility to reality. It's where amazing things happen to enhance built environments and the lives of people who learn, live and work within them.

When a project ends, you won't find us sitting back admiring a job well done.

Instead, we push on, with fresh thinking and open minds, ready for what's next and more often than not, coming up with a solution.

The result is building solutions at the leading edge, with impeccable sustainability credentials.

We make what’s next.
Building solutions at the leading edge, with impeccable sustainability credentials

Cusp is about transformation, modernity and a determination to drive change.

Change that impacts positively on the environment, society, the economy, design, architecture and construction.

Change that is in perpetual motion; improving the built environment while continually protecting the natural one.

We use intelligence, technology and innovation to discover better ways to create strikingly beautiful, effortlessly useful buildings and spaces.

We also understand what matters in the wider world and how we can positively contribute to its future.

It's in our DNA to do cool stuff

We’re on a development curve. And we hope it’s never-ending. We have a development lab, a PhD student team, and strong partnerships with the leading minds in mass timber from across the globe.
In our bid to stop importing timber, we’re importing intelligence to learn from the best and building our internal capacity.

Our Team

We do cool stuff.
We provide solutions.
We care about the bigger picture.
We’re always working on what’s next.

Our Values

The Cusp brand embodies positive change and how we play a significant part in shaping our world.


Quality of living

We protect and sustain nature. We find ways to reduce, offset and store carbon.

We think beyond profit to understand the influence we can have on people’s lives. We champion biophilic design.


Our future

Using science, technology, and determination, we find solutions to today's problems whilst always looking to tomorrow.

Seeing beyond the bottom line, we delve deeper to see how future thinking can benefit our planet by reducing waste to leave a meaningful legacy for the next generation.