The Cusp approach is solution focussed with the client and their project at the centre.

Stay ahead of today

Our design solutions think outside the box.

Cusp has a collaborative working relationship with Timber Design Studio, which is currently working on some of the larger timber projects across Europe and Australia.

This allows us full access to independent, internationally experienced and world-class mass timber engineering and design capability, and gives us the ability to deliver a wide variety of projects across the platform and provide solutions that are best for the project.

The team at Timber Design Studio push the limits with innovative design and construction methodologies to deliver a design that not only meets the architectural and structural requirements of the project but is also ready for fabrication on site.

We recommend Timber Design Studio because we want to see our product in Australia’s most innovative and beautiful projects, and they have worked with us from the beginning, so no one knows our products better.

Unlike other Mass Timber suppliers, we offer this as an independent service – outside of our organisation. Timber Design Studio will never try and maximise the amount of product that goes into a project.

Contact us early in your project to see what's currently (or soon to be) possible, and together we can work on what’s next.