Our Timbers

The first certified plantation hardwood CLT in the world.


Our timber is all sourced from certified plantations.

Our signature species, Tasmanian Plantation Oak is grown in one of the world’s most productive and fertile forestry environments.

Tasmanian Plantation Oak grows quickly; Harvestable in short 15-year rotations, compared to 25-30 years for softwood plantations, Tasmanian Plantation Oak provides a unique set of opportunities.

Faster growing trees means faster absorption of carbon, and faster rotations mean more building stock more often to lock that carbon up into the built environment.

With a global shortage of timber and demand expected to quadruple by 2050 – it is the future of construction.

Our Plantation Species

Tasmanian Plantation Oak An Australian Eucalypt that is grown, harvested and manufactured in Tasmania. It is aesthetically beautiful: blonde with an Australian grain, that finishes with a lustrous sheen.
Grandis Plantation Oak (Rose Gum) A Eucalypt sourced from fast rotation sustainably managed plantations in Uruguay, shipped to Tasmania as a sawn product. It is a blond hardwood with pink tones and straight grain.
Australian Manufactured European Spruce A white to pale yellow softwood with a fine texture with small tight knots. Sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe and manufactured into CLT and GLT in Tasmania.

Our Timber Products

Cross Laminated TimberCross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a wood panel product made by gluing together layers of solid-sawn timber. Each layer is oriented perpendicular to the previous layer to achieve better structural rigidity.
Species: Tasmanian Plantation Oak; European Spruce.

Glue Laminated TimberGlulam removes the barriers of size, strength variation, and shape normally associated with the availability of sawn timber.
Species: Mixed Plantation Eucalyptus; European Spruce.

Sawn TimberDensity: 650kg/m3
Species: Grandis Plantation Oak.

Technical InformationFor preliminary design calculations, CLT single-span and double-span tables are provided for both Tasmanian Plantation Oak and European Spruce.

Span tables also include fire protection level.

These span tables do not replace the need for a qualified engineer. A qualified engineer is needed to conduct a full static calculation to confirm CLT sizing.