Manufacturing capabilities at the forefront. Certified.

Cusp has the greatest manufacturing capability in Australia to provide mass timber building solutions.

All our timber has been tested by the University of Tasmania and the University of Melbourne and peer-reviewed by engineers in Switzerland to ensure our products are at a world-class standard.

Our CLT and industrial Panels have previously been certified by the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA) Product Certification Scheme.

The EWPAA Certification Scheme focuses on ensuring product quality through:

  • onsite inspections of the manufacturing process,
  • verification that internal test methods and results meet the relevant product standards, and
  • independent testing of the manufacturer's product by an accredited laboratory.

Our approach to manufacturing is born from a fundamental belief that as a processor, it's our obligation to extract the best possible value from the resource that has been entrusted to us.