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Transform Your Space with Cusp Timber Flooring

Timber flooring has long been the choice of homeowners seeking a captivating and timeless solution for their living spaces. Its unparalleled natural beauty, warmth, luxury, elegance, and rich character make it an irresistible material that draws homeowners in.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, timber is an eco-friendly choice. It’s sustainable and renewable, with timber containing 50% of its dry weight in carbon, making it an environmentally conscious option. Moreover, its innate warmth ensures homes with timber floors feel cosier, reducing the need for excessive heating.

Our super select Rosetop Oak flooring embodies versatility and desirability, offering a flooring solution that stands the test of time. Crafted entirely from 100% solid wood, Cusp flooring is sourced from sustainable e.Grandis hardwood. Each plank is meticulously cut from a log, kiln-dried, and expertly profiled into solid timber flooring.

Enhancing both your comfort and environmental footprint. Choose Cusp for a flooring solution that combines natural beauty, sustainability, and a touch of luxury in every step.

Technical Information

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