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Our Timber Products

Cross Laminated TimberCross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a wood panel product made by gluing together layers of solid-sawn timber. Each layer is oriented perpendicular to the previous layer to achieve better structural rigidity.
Species: Tasmanian Plantation Oak; European Spruce.

Glue Laminated TimberGlulam removes the barriers of size, strength variation, and shape normally associated with the availability of sawn timber.
Species: Mixed Plantation Eucalyptus; European Spruce.

Sawn TimberDensity: 650kg/m3
Species: Grandis Plantation Oak.

Technical InformationFor preliminary design calculations, CLT single-span and double-span tables are provided for both Tasmanian Plantation Oak and European Spruce.

Span tables also include fire protection level.

These span tables do not replace the need for a qualified engineer. A qualified engineer is needed to conduct a full static calculation to confirm CLT sizing.